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Examination of methods to protect & support all students by designing and implementing equitable & inclusive learning environments. Participants will address planning & delivery of instruction in a manner to examine and minimize bias in classrooms, schools, and larger educational systems while using culturally responsive pedagogical practices. Topics include academic achievement for students from all ethnic, race, socioeconomic, cultural, academic, and linguistic or family background, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and students with a combination of special instructional needs.

This course is part of the following California Commission on Teacher Credentialing program(s): California Clear Credential

Note: This course is for candidates accepted to the Clear Credential program in Summer 2010 or later. The prerequisite courses EDUC 31355 & EDUC 31357 must be completed prior to enrolling in this course. This course is a prerequisite for EDUC 31359.

You must register for this course with the Letter Grade Option. If you do not then you will need to retake the course at your own expense with the Letter Grade Option before you continue in the program.

Course Number: EDUC-31358
Credit: 4.50 unit(s)