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This course is a gentle entryway into the world of video media for those with no previous video editing experience interested in creating effective marketing videos that shows off a particular brand or product. We will cover low budget video production strategies for small businesses as well as graphic integration, video editing, social media distribution, adding metadata to video for search engine optimization, and measuring viewing metrics. Students will create, edit, and distribute their video projects as a part of the course. Students will need access to cameras capable of shooting high quality video such as a smartphone, DSLR, or HD video cameras. Various types of low budget equipment will be suggested and explored as a part of the course. Students will also need access to a laptop with either Adobe Premiere Elements* or Adobe Premiere installed to edit all of their video projects.

Note: *Note: In class, demonstrations will be given on Adobe Premiere Elements. Basic computer skills are a requirement for this course. A laptop, editing software, and access to a camera (can be phone) are also required for the course.

Course Number: ART-40709
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)