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Candidate Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) is created in partnership with the Induction candidate, Induction program, site-based Induction mentors, and school site administrators. The ILP must include candidate professional growth goals, a description of how the candidate will work to meet those goals, defined and measurable outcomes for the candidate, and planned opportunities to reflect on progress and modify the ILP as needed. The candidate’s specific teaching assignment should provide the appropriate context for the development of the overall ILP; however, the candidate and the mentor may add additional goals based on the candidate’s professional interests such as. Within the ILP, professional learning and support opportunities must be identified for each candidate to practice and refine effective teaching practices for all students through focused cycles of inquiry. The ILP must include each candidate’s goals for implementing the ILP under each CSTP (1-6). Each candidate will be required to document and demonstrate the successfully completion of outlined ILP activities throughout the Induction program.

Note: Your Site-Based Induction Mentor must be approved and complete EDUC 30795 prior to your enrollment in this class. The Induction candidate is required to work with their Site-Based Induction Mentor throughout this course. The prerequisite for this course is admission to the Induction Track 1 option and completion of EDUC 30787.

Course Number: EDUC-30794
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)