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The Clear Credential Portfolio serves as the culmination of your learning, observations, and field experiences from courses in the Clear Credential program. Candidates will collaborate with instructors from each course on an individual basis to determine the appropriate assignments based upon academic and professional interests to establish materials to include in the Portfolio. Although assignments will differ for candidates, everyone must submit a complete Portfolio that documents their learning, observations, field experiences, and competencies, including organized reflections and evidence of knowledge, skills, and abilities.

This course is part of the following California Commission on Teacher Credentialing program(s): California Clear Credential

Note: The prerequisites for this course are formal admission to the Clear Credential program and the following courses: EDUC 31355, EDUC 31356, EDUC 31357, EDUC 31358, EDUC 31359, and EDUC 31360.

You must register for this course with the Letter Grade Option. If you do not then you will need to retake the course at your own expense with the Letter Grade Option before you continue in the program.

Course Number: EDUC-31361
Credit: 1.50 unit(s)