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Software products are particularly susceptible to fluctuating needs, wants, and expectations. The ability to apply tools and techniques to objectively assess impacts is important for software project managers.

This course shows software leads and other professionals techniques to make trade-offs between the competing demands of cost, schedule, quality. Through in-class exercises, students will learn soft skills and organizational tools & techniques for managing the competing priorities of software project cost, schedule, and quality. Participants will also gain understanding in basic business concerns relevant to software products, return on investment (ROI), and continual improvement, as well as in alignment of software products with a business’s value stream, and the make-versus-buy and other decision-making processes.

Course Highlights:

  • Estimating, planning, and tracking agile (iterative and incremental) software projects
  • Applying basic project management knowledge areas to agile projects
  • Managing stakeholder expectations
  • Communications tools & techniques
  • Make trade-offs between competing priorities of cost, schedule, quality
  • Analyzing what to do in next iteration (aka “Sprints”)
  • Evaluating business capabilities and Minimal Marketable Feature
  • Understanding business concerns as they relate to software products

Course Benefits:

  • Gain experience using tools & technique during in-class programmatic, relevant exercises
  • Customizing details of course content to align with unique participant needs
  • Learn what works in real-world software projects
  • Flexible scheduling of assignments to accommodate working professionals

Course Typically Offered: In class during Fall and Spring quarter 

Prerequisites:  No prior knowledge of, or experience in, software project management is required. Familiarity with some aspects of the software business would be beneficial but is not required.

Next steps:  Upon completion of this course, consider other courses in the Software Engineering Management Certificate, such as Successful Software Requirement Analysis and Design, Successful Software Implementation and Delivery, and Technology Alignment, Integration, and Compliance.

More information: Contact to learn more about Software Engineering Management Certificate and course offerings.


Course Number: CSE-40849
Credit: 3.50 unit(s)
Related Certificate Programs: Software Quality Assurance

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