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This course applies the translational scientific knowledge acquired in previous courses and develops week by week a case by having the student apply the principles and tools of translational science.  
Students are divided into cross-functional multidisciplinary teams and assigned a drug class and indication to develop, focusing on a different translational science concept each week. They will prepare a comprehensive presentation guided/mentored by a pharmaceutical industry veteran, and present its case study to a jury panel of R&D leaders playing the role of the upper management of a pharmaceutical company that needs to decide whether to in-license a drug candidate to complete its development. 
Scenarios where this is fundamental:

  • New academic discovery – should it be carried into translational activities?
    • New mechanism of action, pathway, molecular target, cell type, drug, metabolite, protein, etc.
  • Perform a proof-of-concept trial in patients with a "prototype" biomedical product in an academic environment. Publish and let the biomedical industry discover/design a bona fide biomedical product.
  • Start up a pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or medical technology company based on a new academic discovery
  • Promote a new project at a pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or medical technology company
  • Perform a due diligence exercise at a pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or medical technology company for in-licensing a biomedical product
  • As background while involved in any role in biomedical product discovery/design & development in a pharmaceutical, biotechnology, or medical technology company
  • As background while involved in clinical development in academia/research institutions
  • As background for independent professional occupation
  • Intellectual property lawyer, venture capital evaluator, patent agent, physician, pharmacist, therapist, medical writer, etc.

Note: This course is part of the Translational Science Certificate. There is a formal application and students must be accepted into the program before enrolling into CLRE-239 Applied Translational Research II. 

Other Credits: 2.0

Course Number: CLRE-239
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)
Related Certificate Programs: Translational Science