Content creation and the rise of digital media

writing.jpgWhat do Mashable, Pitchfork, and the Blogess have in common? They’re all lucrative and renowned online media ventures for one. But most notably, they all started small — and got big through the savvy use of digital media.

Becoming the next Mashable is a lot harder than it used to be. Since anyone with internet access can be a content creator, there’s a sea of options for users to wade through.

Expertise in a particular subject or a unique voice can draw readers in, but in today’s competitive and rapidly changing media industry, it takes a diverse set skills to see growth, make money, and become an influencer.

“Today’s marketing continues to be more visual. It’s not enough to be able to entice someone with your writing abilities.” says Kelly Bennett, an instructor in the Digital Media Content Creation program at UC San Diego Extension. “You also have to really grab them with an interesting or powerful visual to stop them from ‘scrolling’ over your content.”

Utilizing a variety of digital media attracts audiences because it feeds the senses. Great writing is important, but graphics, professional-quality photos, videos, and social media engage the eyes, ears and mind. Media separates successful sites apart from the rest.

Digital media also adds information to content. In an age where data is more easily collected and interpreted than ever, an infographic illustrates the big picture. A photo puts the reader in the scene. Videos and audio add a layer of engagement.

In short, digital media creates value if it’s rich. It can make people smarter, provide entertainment, lead to consumers to identify with your brand, and even influence the market.

Demand for savvy digital media professionals has skyrocketed in this post digital revolution world.

”Consider reading digital content like a mass text message from a business. You are reaching thousands, sometimes millions of your audience all in one Tweet. It is an invaluable resource for today’s businesses,” says Bennett.

The Digital Media Content Creation program teaches you how to reach those millions. Classes include instruction on writing for web audiences, graphic design, photography, business development, and more.

Having digital media skills in one’s tool belt will open doors. Not only can you create a standout personal brand, you can also be a competitive candidate for any job within the rapidly expanding digital media industry.

All of the courses are available online, which offers flexibility for busy professionals. A selection of courses are is also held onsite each quarter for San Diego students. A certificate can be earned in 4-8 quarters if 1 or 2 classes courses are taken each quarter.

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