Creating the Next Generation of Arts Educators


We are thrilled to announce that UC San Diego Park & Market will host professional development, credentialing and certification opportunities for teachers and educators in the visual and performing arts.  The programming is a result of a collaboration between UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies Education and Community Outreach, San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) and San Diego Unified School District’s Visual Arts and Performing Arts (VAPA) department, as well as a variety of schools, districts, local education agencies, postsecondary institutions, arts education organizations and providers.

“This collaboration represents the intersection of arts, education and technology through connection and collaboration. There is no better way to cultivate the skills and talent of the next generation than by focusing on the pipeline of accomplished teachers into diverse fields of study. We hope to equip the next generation of teachers and advance the presence of the visual and performing arts in our communities,” expressed Edward Abeyta, Associate Dean of UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies for Education and Community Outreach.

To commemorate this new partnership, Park & Market hosted a kick-off event on November 10 which began with an inspirational talk from Russ Sperling, director of VAPA. Throughout the day, students shared a variety of dance, instrumental and vocal performances. The all-day event concluded with a moving keynote from artist Simon Silva motivating future arts teachers and students. Prospective teachers additionally had the opportunity to walk through the process of becoming credentialed and ready to launch their careers in arts education. Photos from the kick-off event can be viewed on Park & Market’s Facebook page.

Pauline Crooks, arts coordinator for SDCOE, shared, “We are thrilled to partner with UCSD Division of Extended Studies Education and Community Outreach to help teachers grow and learn, even as they are transforming the lives of students across San Diego through arts education. This exciting partnership will give current and prospective teachers opportunities to expand their skills, find new inspiration and collaborate with fellow educators.”

To showcase what's to come with this compelling partnership the Park & Market Forum was branded with motion graphics, unlike anything that has been done in the building before. Check out the striking installations in this short video or by visiting the building located at the corner of downtown San Diego’s Park and Market Streets.

Park & Market will host a series of four signature training events in 2023. The first event will be February 8th with the other events slated for May, August and November. Since its opening in May 2022, Park & Market has represented the university’s commitment to sustainable community growth and change. Through their connection with UC San Diego, Park & Market partners will have access to a combination of resources that were previously unavailable in all one place. Training programs like the collaboration with SDCOE and VAPA will allow members of our community to advance their careers and access lifelong learning opportunities.

Please visit the VAPA website for more information or sign up for their newsletter for event updates.

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