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Creating an Information Technology Strategic plan is a widespread task that has to be done by every IT organization. However, most organizations IT group do not have an IT Strategic plan because it is a process that takes time to develop and later implement. Prior to creating any IT Strategic plan, there are crucial steps that need to be done. This course introduces the process of creating and IT Strategic plan and through various methods, students learn how to understand what is required, understand and follow a process to develop the plan (including what to do in a decentralized IT environment) and the various sections, phases and the implementation process is reviewed.

This training is designed to offer technical personnel (employees, supervisors, managers) and non-technical supervisors of technical personnel an appreciation and practical knowledge in strategic analysis, especially in Information Technology (IT).

Course Goals/ Learning Objectives

  • How to develop, create and implement an IT Strategic Plan.
  • An IT Strategic process that can be used to develop the plan and how to align the IT Strategic Plan with the overall strategic priorities of the organization.
  • To gain an appreciation for understanding the strategic planning process and how it ties into the overall organizational strategic priorities.

Course Number: CSE-41283
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)