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This course is designed for agency staff and housing/ planning/ development professionals in municipal and other government agencies. The course will help you understand and prepare to handle practical issues regarding the duties, responsibilities and ethical obligations of all parties when effecting and affecting policies that impact a metropolitan area’s collective capability and capacity in ensuring there is sufficient housing, at rates affordable, for its population.  Students will learn in depth about economic factors impacting housing and affordable housing, the housing market, housing development, and financing mechanisms for low income housing from the professor and guest experts in the field. 

This is a hybrid course with online learning material and one (1) in class session on Thursday, July 18 from 8:30am to 2:30pm at the University City Center Location at; 6256 Greenwich Drive, San Diego, CA 92122.  No parking permits are needed.



  • Students must possess a solid understanding of civics and democratic processes (e.g., eligibility for voting, federalism, election timeframes, etc.)
  • Comprehension of the requirements needed to achieve fiscal efficiency in the use of public funds to address the issue of affordable housing
  • A strong interest in effective governance

For students enrolling with a Purchase Order, please email or call 858-534-8189.

Course Number: BUSA-40948
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)