Ready and waiting: UC San Diego’s Post Bac, Premed program

Sammi Dewald: "Getting a taste of what it’s like in med school has really energized me.”

The wait isn’t quite over for Sammi Dewald, but she feels more confident than ever that she’ll be accepted to medical school — and that she’ll eventually be a gynecologist.

For now, as one of 28 recent graduates of UC San Diego’s Post Baccalaureate Premedical program, she’s feels much more prepared.

“It takes six months to a year to find out whether you’ve been accepted,” said Dewald, who graduated in 2012 from the University of Michigan. “That’s a little discouraging, but after being in this program, I feel I’m ready to take that next step.”

Offered in cooperation with the UC San Diego School of Medicine, the program is a full-time intensive experience that offers a rigorous curriculum to students who seek to strengthen their academic record for application to medical schools across the country.

“Our goal is to provide a pathway for newly graduated students who need an extra boost in their GPA or were not initially accepted to the medical school of their choice,” said Grace Miller, Director of Healthcare and Behavioral Sciences for UC San Diego Extension. “All of our students share the same goal – get into med school and then pursue their careers.

Recent statistics indicate that more than half of medical school applicants are declined admission, despite their qualifications as top students.


The graduating class of 2013-14

The UC San Diego program provides the following:

  •  Full-time, 12-month academic enhancement

  • Intimate, cohort-based learning community

  • Concentration on upper-division biological science courses

  • Significant additional academic support to promote success

  • Coaching on medical school application portfolios, including MCAT preparation

  • Detailed letters of recommendation for successful program participants

  • Resources of the renowned UC San Diego School of Medicine and UC San Diego Extension

“My desire to go into the medical field is greater than ever,” said Dewald. “Getting a taste of what it’s like in med school has really energized me.”

Back in her hometown of Utica, Michigan, her parents couldn’t be more pleased. “Because neither of them went to college,” she said, “they’re very proud of what I’ve done so far.”

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