Delivering coffee and a lot more: 'It’s how we make your lives easier'


Student Profile: Alvin Tayag, Professional Certificate in Business Management

Alvin Tayag doesn’t hesitate when asked what managerial skills he learned from his UC San Diego Extension courses.

“I’ve become more sensitive, I communicate better, and I’m calmer,” said Tayag, service manager for Coffee Ambassador. "It’s changed my leadership techniques and given me more emotional intelligence.”

Founded 45 years ago, the Sorrento Valley-based company delivers a wide range of “break” supplies to San Diego businesses such as cookies, muffins, chips, crackers, teas, hot chocolate, and bottled water, along with supplies of all kinds.

Tayag, who oversees 20 employees, needs one more class before earning his Professional Certificate in Business Management. His coursework has helped him become an up-and-coming leader in the $7-million firm that serves an average of 250,000 cups of fresh-brewed coffee daily.

“We’re a relationship-based company,” he said. “We have customers we’ve been servicing for 10 to 15 years now. We not only treat them as customers, but as family members. To us, a cup of coffee is not just a cup of coffee. It’s how can we make your life easier.”

A native of the Philippines, Tayag moved to San Diego at age 16, when he graduated from Mira Mesa High School. He drinks “three to four” cups of coffee daily, his favorite being “very dark French roast Sumatra.”

His Extension courses changed his outlook on his managerial role.

“With the classes I’ve taken, I learned that real leadership is leading people, not managing their tasks,” he said. “I learned how to bring out the strengths of my employees. Because they’re now self-managed, I have less stress and I’m much happier at work and in my personal life.”

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