Introducing new course: Biotech/Pharma Project Manager’s Toolkit


A 10-session, 40-hour course designed for biotech professionals.


UC San Diego Extension will partner with the San Diego Biotechnology Network (SDBN) to present a 10-session, 40-hour course aimed at the region’s biotech professionals and those who desire to enter the field.

The Biotech/Pharma Project Manager's Toolkit will be offered at Extension’s University City Center site, Room 313. The course begins Friday, Jan. 23 and continues through April 3. Class hours will be 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Presented for the first time, the “Toolkit” has been designed to give managers practical principles they can use to be more effective in meeting project goals.

Sessions will cover a core body of knowledge related to project management within the Biotech/Pharmaceutical industry, as well as important people skills required of all project managers.

Participants will work on actual projects to apply their learning and practice new skills.

Extension instructor Yves Theriault, president/CEO of San Diego-based Performance Project Management, will lead the course. General themes will include:

  •  The need for project management for academic labs;

  •  Challenges for using project management for the life sciences; and

  •  Project Management 101 series, basic definitions and principles

Individuals who complete the course may apply the experience toward Extension’s Professional Certificate in Project Management.

Course topics will include:

  • Project Control and Monitoring

  • Leadership in Project Management

  • Team Building in a Multi-Layered Environment

  • Communications Skills

According to Locke Epsten, Extension’s director of corporate education, the event will be a wider-ranging version of a successful one-evening session that was held last November, jointly presented by Extension and SDBN.

In that session, Theriault emphasized the importance of defining and measuring performance metrics. The success of any biotech firm, he pointed out, depends on the precision, performance and multidirectional alignment of individual projects.

He also highlighted the necessity for PM in traditional discovery or research and development groups, including academic labs.

Under the direction of Mary Canady, the San Diego Biotechnology Network was formed to serve local life-scientists, professionals and organizations and to help the industry to not only grow, but thrive.

Towards this end, SDBN has teamed with Extension to provide customized education to meet the needs of those in the biotech community and beyond.

For enrollment details on the Biotech/Pharma Project Manager’s Toolkit, contact Locke Epsten at 858-534-9150 or email


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