Career Talk: 'The secrets of nutrition — Eating your way to better health'


A monthly series of 20-minute conversations with UC San Diego Extension instructors

Topic: “The Secrets of Nutrition: Eating Your Way to Better Health


A registered dietitian who values the life-long benefits of health and nutrition, Katie Ferraro teaches several courses at Extension. She’s also an assistant clinical professor at the University of San Diego and at UC San Francisco.

Eating right, she says, is a simple matter of what you eat, how often, how much and when. She also believes eating tortilla chips by the handful — her favorite guilty snack — is not inherently evil.

Quote: “If you’re busy during the week, as most people are, we talk about using the weekend to prepare your meals for the next week. Even just snacks. You can put them in little sacks and grab them as you go out the door – rather than hitting that drive-thru every day. But you have to have a plan.”

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