Crafting a new career, from seven seas to suds: 'It’s really an awesome program'

Student Profile: 
Greg Hoover, Professional Certificate in Brewing

Beer is in Greg Hoover's bloodlines.

Long ago, his great grandfather emigrated from Germany to start what eventually became the largest brewery in Washington, DC.

That was some 60 years ago.

Now, Hoover finds himself following those footsteps with his role as packaging supervisor at San Diego’s Mike Hess Brewing Company.

After serving 20 years in the U.S. Navy, he deserves a few sips, especially since he’s currently enrolled in UC San Diego Extension’s initial cohort of the Professional Certificate in Brewing.

“It's been a perfect transition,” he said. “I joined the program right after I left the Navy. I was more than ready to start my next career.”

Not only does he enjoy his job, he raves about the Brewing program.

Graduation ceremonies are set for December.

“You meet so many people with so many interesting stories,” he said. “You’re learning from the people who are actually growing the industry, day by day. It’s really an awesome program.”

In the Navy, Hoover served as nuclear-trained machinist mate, first aboard a submarine and then an aircraft carrier. He retired as a chief petty officer.

“Being on a sub and then a carrier, it’s like two completely different worlds,” said Hoover. “But your shipmates are always like family. I have ‘family’ friends all over the world now.”

The Florida native set his sights on another rewarding career, this time in craft beer. His favorite beer is Hess’ Anno Quatro, which he describes as a “nice, big West Coast-style double IPA.”

“When I joined the company,” said Hoover, “I told Mr. Hess that I was going to help him build this brewery into the biggest and best on the West Coast. And I intend to see that through.”

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