Teacher helps test-takers prepare for life’s goals

As a UC San Diego Extension test-prep teacher, Arthur Connors coaches aspiring college and law students on how to take the all-important standardized entrance exams.

“I’ve always excelled at taking tests and have a passion for teaching,” said Connors. “Although these tests can be daunting, I hope my enthusiasm for conquering them inspires my students to rise to the challenge."

Instructor Profile: Arthur Connors, Test Preparation

Connors specializes in the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and ACT (American College Testing), and the LSAT (Law School Admission Test). In addition to teaching popular test-prep courses at Ramona and Cathedral Catholic high schools, he has built up a thriving private-tutoring practice.

“If I could, I’d gladly make a career out of taking tests,” he said proudly. “Helping others succeed on their tests is as close as I can come to that.”

Not so long ago, Arthur Connors was his graduating class's valedictorian at North County's San Marcos High School and a National Merit Scholarship Finalist (scoring in the top 1% of PSAT/SAT students nationwide). This strong academic performance landed him at UC Berkeley, where he studied political science and economics.

Connors then went on to graduate from the USD School of Law, where his similarly strong performance on the LSAT earned him an academic scholarship. But after graduating from law school, Connors decided to take a break from his lawyerly pursuits.

“I initially thought I would just take a few months off to teach before embarking on my 'real' career," he explained. "But thanks in large part to the amazing opportunity UC San Diego Extension has provided me, I continue to thrive and develop as an instructor.”

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