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Turn your work abroad into academic credit at home!

UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies is proud to offer academic credit for successful completions of pre-approved programs at the following school in Mexico:

Center of Languages, Ensenada, Mexico

Approved Programs: Weekend and Weeklong and Spanish for Medical Professionals

Program information (pdf)

Questions about the language programs and enrollment requests should be directed to the school abroad.

What students are saying:

  • "It was a wonderful program where I not only practiced and built upon my Spanish, but I also was able to immerse myself in the culture by living with a family."
  • "The first evening they give a very comprehensive written exam to determine what material to teach over the weekend. They place you in a class with people at your same level. They have excellent materials and instructors. It was a very intense day speaking only in Spanish. There was some homework, then plenty of time to practice with the locals in Ensenada. I would definitely do it again."
  • "It was really amazing meeting lots of new and different people and learning a language while surrounded by people who only spoke it. I heard and saw Spanish everywhere, on the TV, on every street sign, and in shop windows!"
  • "I really liked my instructor. She understands where the student's Spanish level is and continues working on that level and beyond entirely in Spanish. I spoke the most Spanish I have ever spoken there for one week. The Spanish instructor does not speak in English but will speak around a word in Spanish for you to understand the meaning of a word you don't know. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to speak better Spanish."

¡Que le vaya bien!

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