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The Designated Subjects Portfolio is a course that captures learning and field experiences from each of the courses and connects them together in a cohesive manner. Under the guidance of the Program faculty & District mentor, candidates will assemble a culminating portfolio. Candidates are required to present their portfolio within the context of the course. Although field assignments will differ between candidates, everyone must complete & submit a Designated Subjects Portfolio that documents their experiences, including organized reflections & evidence of knowledge, skills and abilities.

This course is part of the following California Commission on Teacher Credentialing program(s): Designated Subjects

Note: CTE and Special Subjects candidate prerequistes: EDUC 80001, EDUC 31367, & EDUC 31368.
AE candidate prerequistes: EDUC 80001, EDUC 31367, & EDUC 31495.
This course is mandatory for CTE, Special Subjects, & AE credential program.

Course Number: EDUC-31369
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)