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Thomas Zeng

Thomas M. Zeng is a Google Custom Silicon Security Architect. Thomas leads the device side of the pKVM Virtualization Security and Confidential Computing with SW/HW partition, HW to HW partition, and offloading prviate confidential  tasks on Compute Engines and Media Engines in an SOC. Thomas holds more than15 patents in this field. Prior to Google, Thomas led a team at TruePic to invent the world's first TEE+HW secure countermeasure against Deepfake. Prior to TruePic, Thomas worked at NVIDIA and QUALCOMM in various capacities involving SMMU, GIC, Virtualization. and TEE. In particular, Mr. Zeng architected the very first Virtualization-based security infrastructure in a mobile SOC, which to this day remains the standard for competitors to match.
Zeng, Thomas