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Stella Felice
Certified Personal Trainer ACE

Stella Felice is a compassionate and skilled yoga practitioner who specializes in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer with ACE. 

Stella grew up as a competitive gymnast and after leaving the sport with an injury, discovered her first yoga class. The practice of awareness and breath had a profound impact on her, allowing her to have a deeper connection to herself and the world around her.

Stella’s goal in teaching is to help her students realize the potent energy they hold. Yoga can increase personal awareness and provide healing from emotional and physical pain. By continuing to practice yoga, students can benefit from improved circulation, reduced anxiety and depression,  connection to self, deeper emotional awareness, support towards chronic pain, and improved physical energy resulting in an improved quality of life. As a teacher, Stella is committed to holding space for each of her students and they move through their yoga journey and dive into self-healing. 
Felice, Stella