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Loretta Bagge

Loretta Bagge has been in the educational field for 21 years working in a variety of capacities from volunteering in classrooms, to volunteering and running in art docent programs, student supervising, SIPPS instructor, Special Education Instructional Aide, NGSS Science instructor, as well as working with children outside of the education system. In 2015, Loretta won Classified Employee of the Year and has received several recognition awards from various education groups. She has also sat on PTA and helps in her community in a various ways.

Qualifications: One year as a student supervisor 1st-5th grade, SIPPS instructional aide 1st-5th grade, two years as a cafeteria worker 1st-5th grade, seven years as a Special Education Instructional Aide 1st-7th grade, 14 years as a volunteer art docent working with students K-8, seven years running the art docent program 1st-8th grade, two years instructing NGSS curriculum for Alpine Education Foundation 1st-5th grade
Bagge, Loretta