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Ion Nemteanu

Ion Nemteanu is the Senior Director of Data Science for Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Life Science Solutions Group. His leadership spans global commercial, marketing, and operational functions where he builds and deploys data science and advanced analytic capabilities to support business growth and innovation. Ion also instructs Text Mining for University of California, San Diego Extension and is an Adjunct Professor of Data science at the University of San Diego.

Previously, Ion led the data science for Becton Dickinson’s Technology Solutions team. His leadership brought several new AI driven platforms to their healthcare customers. He specialized in building algorithms that were embedded in BD’s hosted products featuring clinical medication management, diversion, and laboratory software products. Prior to BD, Ion has also held leadership and analytic positions spanning across the cyber security, telecommunication, and entertainment industries.

Ion earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from California State University, San Marcos, and a Master of Science in Data Science from Northwestern University.

Nemteanu, Ion