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Doug Constantiner

Doug is the CEO and Founder of Societe Brewing Company, an award-winning brewery here in San Diego, CA. He moved to San Diego in 2009 and began working at Pizza Port Carlsbad, Green Flash Brewing, and Oggi’s.  Doug then began a full-time job at The Bruery in Placentia, CA as a cellarman and worked his way up to brewer. While at The Bruery, he became close friends with Travis Smith and they decided to start a brewery together based on shared values, passion, and vision of beer. Societe Brewing Company opened its doors in May 2012. 

Doug's background in both finance and professional brewing gives him a tremendous foundation to operate a small craft brewery, and he does his best to apply his varied experience to how he leads Societe on a practical and philosophical level. Societe has risen to prominence on a local and national level due to their commitment to both high-quality beer and fostering a great work environment. They have won regional, national, and international awards for almost all of their beers.

Doug is actively involved in the San Diego Brewers Guild, the Brewers Association, the California Craft Brewers Association, the Master Brewers Association of the Americas, Hop Growers of America, and the Entrepreneurs' Organization.

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