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David Wing

David is the Laboratory Director of EPARC, where he oversees all aspects of its day-to-day operation and is involved in design, delivery and dissemination of multiple research studies and educational initiatives. Of particular note, he has made a substantial contribution to the design and dissemination of an Exercise Is Medicine® curriculum based on a global initiative to change healthcare practice to include physical activity as a “vital sign” when assessing patient health status, and to prescribe exercise for primary and secondary prevention of chronic disease. He began his professional career as a political consultant, working on public health initiatives designed to reduce smoking in public spaces and increase funding for state and national parks. A decade later he returned to academia and earned his M.S. in exercise physiology from SDSU. His research interests include the use of technology to provide scalable “just-in-time” interventions promoting physical activity, the development of functional exercise tests for individuals with neurological disease, the links between cognitive function and physical activity across the lifespan, and the potential role(s) of exercise in long-term management of clinical depression and anxiety. He is an avid exerciser and certified personal trainer who has worked with special populations including, among those, individuals with type 2 diabetes, cystic fibrosis, and multiple sclerosis.