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Charles Ryder
B.E., Electrical and Electronics

Charles Ryder has over 20 years of experience in information technology and engineering. He earned a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from San Diego State University. Ryder has been an iOS Developer for seven years and currently has eight apps available on the App Store. The first app, "Basic Legal Flashcards" is a simple flashcard app that helps legal professionals learn 645 basic legal terms. In addition, he has six apps that help teach some basic concepts in electrical engineering: "Semi Physics," "DCCircuits1," "ACCircuits1," "BJTAppls," "DCCircuits2Appls" and "ACCircuits2," as well as one game app "Mumeezzz" that uses the Sprite Kit framework. Ryder is active in the community by attending and speaking at iOS meetup groups.

I have been fortunate to combine my interest in computer programming with my engineering career for 20+ years. During that time I was required to learn more than a half dozen different programming languages which was both challenging and rewarding.
- Charles Ryder
Ryder, Charles