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Casey Hill

Casey is a growth veteran, with over a decade of experience in helping software companies scale fast. Whether it's garnering millions of views on Quora and Linkedin, or pioneering new growth levers (like booking his team on hundreds of podcasts in 2020), Casey is always looking for creative and value-led ways to grab attention and break from the mold. In his current role as Head of Growth at Bonjoro, Casey helps brands convert more sales and retain more customers with video emails. Besides his day job in software, Casey also launched a tabletop gaming business in 2015 that went on to create a game, Arkon, that was 800% funded on Kickstarter and sold thousands of copies worldwide. In 2020, Casey launched a course business, Amplified Masterclass, educating people about how to monetize channels like being on podcasts and Quora. Casey is looking to cross 6 figures in sales for this business by 2022. On the consulting side, Casey works for hundreds of dollars an hour, consulting with some of the worlds biggest firms including places like McKinsey, Blackrock, Colemans, GLG, Guidepoint, etc., where he provides institutional guidance around topics such as: SMB marketing vendor selection, SaaS pricing, SaaS marketing/CRM tool differentiation, inbound marketing, and marketing automation.
Hill, Casey