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Blake Jensen

Blake Jensen is a native San Diegan, father, and an aficionado of basketball, vintage video games, pitchy karaoke, and lecturing his son on how much better Star Wars was "back in the day." Blake played college basketball at St. Mary's College and Whittier College where he earned my B.A. in Psychology in 2002.

Blake's most important college mentors were coaches and teachers, so once he realized he didn't want to chase the dream of professional basketball, it's not surprising that Blake turned to teaching and tutoring as a career. After college, Blake taught high school chemistry and started doing some individual tutoring on the side. He had scored in the 97th percentile on his own SATs, and when considering grad school, had scored about the same on the GRE.  So as Blake began helping students prepare for their GRE, ACT and SAT exams, he realized both that he had a knack for understanding the psychology of standardized tests and that he preferred smaller class tutoring to teaching in crowded classrooms of 35 students. Now, Blake primarily teach GRE prep classes to students all over the US, and sometimes outside the US.  Blake knows the GRE is intimidating, so he does everything he can to make the journey comprehensible and low stress.
Jensen, Blake