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Barbara Gunning

Barbara Gunning is the founder and CEO of Rocking Your Team, a company that applies the Science of Personality to businesses, teams, and families with incredible success. During her 25+ years as a project manager in a variety of industries, Barbara discovered the value of understanding personality types to increase the effectiveness and productivity of her teams while reducing frustrations, misunderstanding and conflicts both at work and at home.  

Barbara combines a strong knowledge of theory with a background of practical application. She has worked as a project manager in many diverse fields including manufacturing, banking, insurance, food service, and software development. In addition, she is PMP certified since 2004 and holds a Bachelor’s and an MBA in Business from San Diego State University, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Association of Psychological Type International eChapter.  

This unique perspective on team is now being offered through UCSD Extension.  Her goal is to provide class participants with methods to improve project management skills, communication, leadership, conflict resolution, and management styles as well as reduce their own stress. Barbara also speaks at conferences and events and is passionate about sharing the benefits of applying the Science of Personality to all teams she works with.

What Students Are Saying

By: Work Team Concepts and Skills Student

"This was an excellent course. Barbara is amazing, encouraged class participation and the content was relevant. I have already began implementing techniques learned in this class into both my personal and professional life!!!"

Gunning, Barbara