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Amanda Banks

Amanda Peñaloza-Banks
CMA-SP, RSME, BA Hons Contemporary Dance & Choreography

Amanda Peñaloza-Banks is a Certified Movement Analyst & Somatic Practitioner (CMA-SP), a Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME), and a facilitator/educator of movement and dance in community, educational, and professional settings. She is invested in exploring how movement connects us with ourselves, others, the natural world, and spiritual/philosophical perspectives.

Amanda trained at London Contemporary Dance School, UK, and was a contemporary dancer, choreographer, and teacher in Europe for 15+ years. She has lived in the USA for 12 years, and teaches movement and dance for actors, dancers, artists, educators, adults, older adults, and children. Current and recent work includes faculty on The Movement Arc’s “Expressive Movement Facilitator Certificate Program”; faculty on Laban/Bartenieff Somatic Studies International’s “CMA-SP Program”; lead artist for CoTA (Collaborations: Teachers and Artists); consultant/mentor for dance practitioners and companies; guest lecturer at San Diego State University; and adjunct faculty at University of San Diego.

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