UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies is redefining the role of a research university

UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies’s mission is twofold:

Training the region’s workforce is a crucial part of our role, but so is enriching civic life via engagement and cultural offerings. Through our work with partners like Illumina, Qualcomm, Manpower, and the San Diego Workforce Partnership, we create unique opportunities for members of our city’s diverse communities to engage and change their lives.

The Secret to Our Success

Harnessing the collective knowledge of academic, business, and community leaders is the secret of our success. And it’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it: We create an environment where conversation and learning can take place in a way that can accommodate a broader picture of San Diego.

Our Helen Edison Lecture Series exposes audiences to new ideas and fresh perspectives. We’ve hosted numerous prestigious guest speakers— Al Gore, John Lithgow, Noam Chomsky, Toni Morrison, and Bob Woodward among them. Concerts and special events such as UC San Diego’s Jazz Camp connect people through music, and our programs are helping public libraries expand their function as cultural and educational hubs, where younger generations from underserved communities can get hands-on experience in cutting-edge fields like robotics, circuitry and 3D modeling.

Uniting San Diego’s Diverse Communities

Extension is beyond question embedded in the community. Our goal is to bolster the regional economy by providing people with the skills the workforce needs, while also enriching people’s lives and creating a dialogue about issues of civic importance. We are talking, listening, and collaborating in our neighborhoods to create solutions and lasting change.

UC San Diego’s push into the urban core will further unite San Diego’s diverse communities. This innovative center will feature courses, workshops, and seminars specific to the downtown audience, as well as gallery and performance spaces, resources for local entrepreneurs, and academic outreach for middle and high school students. We are also working with architectural firm Gensler to leverage the power of design to build a better world. We’re not just designing a building; we are creating a research-based downtown experience.

Accelerate Change

In early 2018, UC San Diego Division of Extended Studies moved away from the traditional course catalog format in favor of a more innovative, relevant way to spread our message of lifelong learning. We teamed up with San Diego Magazine and were proud to present our publication Accelerate, a collection of stories and information from our students, instructors, and local business professionals that shows the bigger picture of the impact Extension’s courses and programs have on San Diego. The face of education

With 40,000 copies of each issue of Accelerate distributed, we are telling our story to a broader audience than ever before and reaching people in ways that resonate while highlighting our unique programming. Accelerate is the first of its kind for Extension. We are not only connecting with more readers, we’re connecting on a deeper level. Learning about Extension’s offerings through real-life success stories, in-depth looks at economic trends, and practical career advice delivered in an engaging way only further demonstrates that it truly is the best place to reskill, advance your career, grow your business, and immerse yourself in the culture of the community. is changing. Think of Accelerate as the physical manifestation of this sentiment.

The Future Looks Bright