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The Anthropology, Performance, and Technology (APT) Program was created as an intersectional bridge
between other departments on campus, and the Jacobs School of Engineering. This course was created to provide competencies that were identified by our corporate affiliates as necessary supplements to the already rigorous training provided to our engineers at UCSD, as well as for mid-career professionals. These competencies include: Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Negotiation, Ethics, and Professionalism.

The FORGE APT Etude Sessions offerings are structured to provide theoretical foundations in each of the five
social skills areas, as well experiential performance lab sessions for students to apply theory to practice. In addition, there will be asynchronous assignments that you will complete, including weekly journal reports.

Schedule & Location


Thursdays, 11:00am
Executive Board Room, Suite 1103
Jacobs Hall, 1st Floor Corporate Affiliates Program Office

Course Number: ENG-40025
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)