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Teaching Online Essentials Level II - Blended and Hybrid Learning provides K-12 teachers the ability to deliver quality learning interactions, deepen their instructional practice, and effectively integrate fundamental strategies and proven tools to support instructional delivery, both online face-to-face. Participants will augment their current knowledge and skillset of student engagement, multimedia, collaboration, checking for understanding, and grading through the development of a unit. Teaching Online Essentials Level II - Blended and Hybrid Learning is built upon a solid foundation of best practices in teaching, and can be applied within any learning environment or platform. Participants are eligible to receive course credit for salary advancement


No prerequisite.  Online Teaching Essentials is recommended for participants who need more preparation in developing online/hybrid lessons. Online Teaching Essentials approaches a singular lesson plan by stages which include purposeful embedding of synchronous and asynchronous engagements effectively using technology.

Course Number: EDUC-40399
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)