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Guidance for the mentoring experience to provide Induction candidates with a professional educational community, ensuring structures that support the activities of the program and coordinating collaboration and support for all program candidates. The class serves to providing support for mentors so they can work with Induction candidates for the facilitation of candidate growth and development through modeling, guided reflection on practice, and feedback on classroom instruction; connecting candidates with available resources to support their professional growth and accomplishment of the ILP; periodically reviewing the ILP with candidates and making adjustments as needed. Mentors will review CSTP 4: Planning Instruction & Designing Learning Experiences For All Students and CSTP 6: Developing As A Professional Educator in order to support Induction candidates ILP goals and outcomes. Training and support will include, but not limited to: Use of appropriate mentoring instruments.

Note: Participants must be approved as a Site-Based Induction Mentor to enroll in this course. The prerequisite for this course are EDUC 30795, EDUC 30796, EDUC 30797, and EDUC 31690.

You must register for this course with a Letter Grade or Pass/NoPass. If you enroll Not For Credit (NFC) then you will be unable to enroll for the next class.

Course Number: EDUC-31691
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)