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Market research is used to obtain reliable information about customers, industry trends, competition, and even emerging trends that could affect the future of your organization's products or services. This course will give you an overview of the use and applications of market research. Traditional qualitative and quantitative research techniques and methodologies will be covered, along with online research techniques. To gain practical market research experience, you will participate in an actual market research project and work on several "real world" market research case studies. You will also learn how to use market research results to drive successful product and service design.

Learning Objectives:
  • A general working knowledge of the concepts and methods of marketing research and specific methods best utilized
  • An understanding of the sources of marketing information and the various means for gathering such information
  • The ability to translate a management problem into a feasible research question
  • Gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of alternative research designs
  • Understand the biases and limitations of marketing data and basic data analysis

Note: Recommended Prerequisite: Elements of Marketing.

Course Number: BUSA-40442
Credit: 4.00 unit(s)
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