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Do your students seem to flounder in math because they just can’t “see it” in their heads? In mathematics, manipulatives provide the perfect segue from the unfamiliar to the familiar. They help students transform their mathematical reasoning so that problems become less confusing and much more clear. This online course is designed for teachers in grades 3-6 who want to learn how to incorporate manipulatives such as fraction strips, algebra tiles, and geoboards into their everyday teaching in order to guide their students to take ownership of their learning so that they can become critical and logical mathematical thinkers. Information on the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics is shared together with distinct suggestions for how to incorporate specific manipulatives into your math instruction in order to improve the way students approach math problems.

Other Credits: Formerly offer as EDUC31616

Note: This is an inservice course for Professional Development Institute.

Course Number: EDUC-41616
Credit: 5.00 unit(s)