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Collaboration between the Induction program, program candidates, site-based Induction mentors, and school site administrators establishes a professional educational community, ensuring structures that support the activities of the program and coordinating collaboration and support for all program candidates. In order to facilitate the transition from teacher preparation to a clear credential by building upon and providing opportunities for implementation and application of pedagogical knowledge, concurrent enrollment in this course is required while completing the other Induction program requirements. In addition, participants will be provided with guidance, expectations, requirements, standards, competencies, required number of observations, and Individualized Learning Plan forms that are required in the Culminating Induction ILP Portfolio. Candidates will focus on the ILP goals aligned to CSTP 5: Assessing Student Learning and CSTP 6: Developing As A Professional Educator in order to support outcomes to practice and refine teaching practices.

Note: Participants must be admitted to the Induction program prior to enrolling in this course. This is a required course for all Induction candidates (Track 1 & Track 2 candidates). The prerequisite for this course is admission to the Induction Track 1 or Track 2 option, EDUC 30787, EDUC 30794 or EDUC 31695, EDUC 30788, EDUC 30789, EDUC 30790, and EDUC 30791.

Course Number: EDUC-30792
Credit: 4.50 unit(s)

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