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Induction candidates engage in the Plan, Teach, Reflect, Apply process with Induction program, site-based Induction mentors, and school site administrators who will assist in the completion of the inquiry process through reflective conversations, observations, feedback, and mentorship. Candidates will focus on the ILP goals aligned to CSTP 5: Assessing Student Learning and CSTP 6: Developing As A Professional Educator in order to support outcomes to practice and refine teaching practices. The candidates will focus more in-depth information about their students and families, school, district and community and reflect on the effect that this information will have on their classroom environment and instructional practice. This includes the demonstration of but not limited to some of the following teaching practices: Applying knowledge of the purposes, characteristics, and uses of different types of assessments; Collecting & analyzing assessment data from a variety of sources to inform instruction; Reviewing data, both individually and with colleagues, to monitor student learning; Using assessment data to establish learning goals & to plan, differentiate, and modify instruction; Involving all students in self-assessment, goal setting, and monitoring progress; Using available technologies to assist in assessment, analysis, and communication of student learning; Using assessment information to share timely and comprehensible feedback with students & their families; Reflecting on teaching practice in support of student learning; Establishing professional goals & engaging in continuous & purposeful professional growth and development; Working with families to support student learning; Engaging local communities in support of the instructional program; Managing professional responsibilities to maintain motivation and commitment to all students; and Demonstrating professional responsibility, integrity, and ethical conduct.

Note: Your Site-Based Induction Partner must be approved and complete EDUC 31394 prior to your enrollment in this class. The Induction candidate is required to work with their Site-Based Induction Partner and University-Based Induction Mentor during this course. The prerequisite for this course is admission to the Induction Track 2 option as well as completion of EDUC 30787, EDUC 31695, EDUC 31696, EDUC 31697, EDUC 31698, and EDUC 31699.

Course Number: EDUC-31700
Credit: 3.00 unit(s)