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Most of us routinely invest a lot of time, effort, and energy into our most challenging students, oftentimes with unsustainable results. The truth is that high school teachers do not have to exhaust themselves in order to successfully manage their classrooms. Even though teaching adolescents can be difficult at times, it can also be a very rewarding experience. This online course addresses some of the most daunting classroom management issues including how to set boundaries and establish rapport, respecting diversity and differences, how to keep students motivated as you work to build a sense of community within your high school classroom, social and emotional learning, and how to shift the ownership of learning from teacher to student. Teachers also learn the importance of being organized and proactive, as well as how to create clear and concise rules and routines which have logical consequences. Rounding out the course is how to handle some typical high school problem areas, reaching across the aisle to work with parents and administration, making technology work in your favor, and how to prevent and address bullying issues.

Course Number: EDUC-40140
Credit: 5.00 unit(s)