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This course is designed for primary teachers who are in need of best practices for creating and managing a successful primary classroom. This course covers strategies for implementing the new Common Core State Standards, while managing time so that all content is covered. Behavioral issues and overall classroom management techniques help teachers manage their classrooms more successfully so they have time for what is most important—meeting the needs of their students. Teachers learn how to maximize the resources they have available to them as well as find innovative ways to gain more resources at little to no cost. This course also provides successful strategies for gaining students’ attention and interest, and truly engaging them in lessons. Teachers will better understand what is needed from them to create a successful classroom, as well as gain a better understanding of their individual students’ needs and how to differentiate instruction. Mainstreaming English language learners and students with special needs is also covered in depth. This course also includes ways to incorporate technology into lessons, and what to do when faced with a lack of technology. Teachers will be armed with effective tools for dealing and communicating with parents, as well as tips for gaining their involvement in their child’s learning. The new Common Core Assessments will be covered as well.

Other Credits: Formerly offer as EDUC31570

Note: This is an inservice course for Professional Development Institute.

Course Number: EDUC-41570
Credit: 5.00 unit(s)