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Melissa Erin Brown
MA TESOL Sacramento State University

Melissa completed her Master’s in TESOL from Sacramento State University in conjunction with serving as a Teacher Trainer Peace Corps volunteer in rural Thailand from 2010 to 2012. She started teaching ESL in 2009 and has since lived and taught in Thailand, France, and in the U.S. She taught Business English and Writing at the University of Blaise Pascal in France and at the University of Oklahoma. Melissa currently teaches English to international students at UCSD's English Language Institute (ELI). She specializes in teaching ESL Grammar, ESL Reading & Writing, ESL Conversation, and Business English, and is skilled in teaching both online and in-person. She loves learning about her students' cultures and perspectives, as well as their interests and goals. Not only is she passionate about teaching ESL and TESL, but Melissa also loves learning languages - Spanish, French, and Thai.

Teaching ESL is an ever evolving and complex role, and no matter how much experience one has, we can always gain new skills, strategies, and perspectives to enhance our teaching.
- Melissa Erin Brown