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Ehsan Goodarzi

Ehsan Goodarzi has over 10 years of teaching and research experiences in various fields of civil and environmental engineering. His solid background provides an excellent foundation to solve the great challenges in areas such as sustainability, environment, global warming, and energy. Ehsan also is certified in risk assessment and management, uncertainty analysis, and optimization analysis.  His contributions have resulted in successful engineering project management for reducing system uncertainty, risk identification, and development of mitigation techniques. The exceptional publication records of Dr. Goodarzi include journal papers, two book chapters, and two books in risk assessment and optimization analysis.

His teaching strategy is based on sharing problems–both mathematical and applied–which build intuition and inspire students to integrate the course material into the broader context of their education to convey the “why”, and encourage students with a diverse array of learning styles to spend the time necessary to master computational aspects of the material, to absorb the “how”. He has always tried to improve understandings of the quantity and quality of information we have, and the importance of information we do not have, for the purpose of improving decision making.
Goodarzi, Ehsan