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Soph M Lundeberg

Soph Anya Lundeberg has been with UCSD since 2017, teaching GRE, GMAT, SAT, and ACT courses to thousands of high school, college, and professional students. In 2019 she scored 170V 167Q 5.0AWA on the GRE, and in 2018 she scored 770 on the GMAT. Soph has been tutoring since 2008 (her first student was in chemistry), and she has been leading classes since 2013 (her first class was in discrete mathematics). Classes Soph teaches are primarily lecture-based, but there are always opportunities for students to work individually or in groups, to ask questions individually during breaks, and to make friends. 
From San Diego originally, Soph graduated Westview High School with four varsity letters and a National AP Scholar distinction, for having at least a 4 or higher on at least nine AP exams, including Physics C, English Language, Calculus BC, Environmental Science, Chemistry, and Government, on all of which she earned 5s. In 2008, she scored 770 on the SAT II Chemistry Subject test, and in 2009, she scored a 34 on the ACT. In 2010, she was wait-listed at Harvard College.  
In 2015, Soph graduated from UC Santa Cruz, after studying Economics and Computer Science. While at UCSC, she competed on the NCAA Women's Tennis team, the NCAA Track team, and the Ethics Bowl Debate team, traveling around California and Texas for competitions. During and after college, Soph worked or interned in a variety of industries, including medicine, insurance, food service, business management consulting, education, athletics, real estate, software, and urban planning and design. Prior to entering test prep, Soph worked as an actuary, scoring the highest possible score on actuarial exam P, Probability, and the second-highest score on actuarial exam FM, financial mathematics, in 2016. 
In addition to teaching classes, Soph offers private tutoring through her website, Although she no longer coaches tennis, she continues to play at the 5.0 or 4.5 level, and is always happy to connect tennis players to other tennis players in the area. Time-permitting, she is always keen to learn what students are working on or learning outside of her classes. Although scores are important, the people behind those scores are more important to Soph. When done with one's peers, test prep can be a way to connect, engage, and mix ideas and experiences that many people don't realize is possible.
Lundeberg, Soph