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Anna Willis

Anna is a passionate and data-driven growth strategist and product manager with over 10 years of digital marketing and web strategy experience. Her background includes working with companies like Hulu, Microsoft, Dell/EMC, Beats by Dre, VW, Hallmark, and P&G brands to drive acquisition through organic search and conversion rate optimization. Always focused on data integrity and measurement, Anna has been able to make high impact change across different industries by using data to unlock meaningful business insights.

Anna is the Founder at bnimbl, an agile marketing agency built to empower small businesses through technology. Previously a Product Manager of Subscriber Growth, she created Hulu’s first SEO program and partnered cross-functionally to build out a forecasting model that quantified growth opportunities to aide in quarterly and yearly planning for each acquisition channel. She was able to achieve a 40% increase in signups YoY despite significant technical challenges and limited resources. She is recognized as an industry thought-leader and expert in SEO, content marketing, web/app optimization, and analytics.

Willis, Anna